Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Russell and Minnie at Penrose

Louise is responsible for acquiring this photo taken in 1954. There is detail of the inside of our white house, Penrose home, that is not found in other photos. The Easter lily says that it is spring, and Dad's forehead is white where his hat has protected him from the sun. Mother is very brown herself. What details do you recognize?


Ann said...

It must have been Sunday because that is about the only time Mother wore THE dress. The picture of the 5 sided lampshade is one of only a few pictures I have seen. Grandpa's leather bound book sitting on top of the bookcase (where is that book now?). Then there is the couch. Clue me in if I am remembering this right - Originally the cover on the couch was a blue and it was well used. Mother decided she was going to recover it so she went to work with a tape measure, brown paper patterns that she made herself, and a tremendous amount of determination. Remember those flowered rugs?

Dwight said...