Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sugar Bowl

This quaint little sugar bowl belonged to Sarah Batty Hawkins Blood, our GreatGrandmother. I can't remember when I acquired it.


Elizabeth said...

This is such a charming piece of china. It's nice to know that Great-grandmother Sarah had some nice things. The early death of her husband may have left her without many resources - she moved to town with her children. In the 1910 Federal Census, she was living in Alliance with sons Roscoe abd Ray and two-year-old Dad (Russell)- evidently keeping house for Roscoe after Louise died and before he married Mary Quick. When Roscoe re-married, it was decided to maintain her in a room (or rooms?)in downtown Denver to be closer to Roy and Eva. Dad's memories of going there during his noon break from school to carry in coal or take things from Roy and Eva to her are rather poignant - there were several elderly widows living in the same building. The fadcilites were not modern - the toilet was out back. He was the one who found her body when she died at the age of 75 in 1923. He was only 15.

Louise Blood said...

Thank you for adding so much information, Iknew I could count on you to fill in details, it all helps to know these things as it makes the past more real.

Judy said...

What a pretty dish. This reveals to me more of what G-Grandma Sarah enjoyed in her life.