Sunday, March 23, 2008

Judy, Steve, and Ann dyeing Easter Eggs

Steve is obviously left out while Judy and Ann are clearly running the show
and using up all the eggs.  Note clock shelf (see earlier post) on the wall by the stove.


Judy said...

Any idea what year this was taken?
Notice the open front door. Was it that warm? (Most Easters were colder than cold.) OR had the stove gotten too hot?
Whatever eggs we used meant less egg money for groceries. We truly understood that between the dye kit and the eggs, it was a treat.

Elizabeth said...

The storm door was probably still on - remember the biannual chore of putting up and removing the storm doors, so that screens could take their place?
Steve, you were so patiently holding your egg while the transfer worked. Talk about obedient!

Ann said...

Running the show? Not! I look really healthy, and if Dwight is taking the picture and with the length of your (Judy) hair, and the fact my pigtails were much longer in 1st grade, would this be about 1947-48? I entered school in 1949. Seeing Steve holding the egg wrapped in, what I think was a piece of bed sheet that was being recycled, brings back the memory of tragically blurred transfers. Aagh!