Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our Diaries, Our Lives

Some days we may laugh.
Some days we may cry.
Some days the pain may seem unbearable.
Some days and nights we may be afraid.
One day the yellow daffodils bloom.
The next day the robins return.
And every day the sun comes up again, and the light shines, even through the rain.
And every day is an unwritten diary of our lives. The pencil marks are still there on the kitchen door frame that tell us how high we stood.  And our memories tell us where we came from, where we left our finger prints and our foot prints.  We remember the paths we walked and the lanes we ran in like the wind in when we were young.  And then we try to put it all together again, to reconnect with our beginnings, to see how far we have come, and to find and treasure those icons of our past that remind us each of things we can never forget and that, by sharing with others, will forever bring a moment of joy into our lives. And then, as the song says, "we won't feel so sad." 


Ann said...

You have, once again, found the perfect way to describe what is happening on our Blog - and to give some of us the incentive to get busy with our writing. There are so many tender memories and those are often what help us get through the cloudy times as well as make the sun shine even brighter. What a warm way to start my Saturday. Thank you.

Ann said...

Just a quick PS. Wow! You obviously do your most profound work in the middle of the night. That is great writing.

Judy said...

Yes. How come you couldn't sleep last night? Thanks for leaving your gifts here for all to be encouraged. Shhhh you might be sleeping in this morning.

Elizabeth said...

Why wasn't I likewise inspired when I could only squeeze 3 hours of sleep out of the night. That was wonderful - you approach the poetic, and remind us that these sharing reminders are all valuable. Thank you.