Monday, March 24, 2008

Penrose, Wyoming, circa 1960

This is a map that I constructed for brother Dwight when he wrote his book "Echoes of My Wyoming Boyhood". To the east were sandhills, with the Penrose cemetery on top of the hills, and the Big Horn moountains far to the east. To the south was Grandpa Wasden's farm, the Elk Water Users' irrigation canal, and more sandhills. To the west was farmland, and, in the distance Heart Mountain, and the mountains to the west and north of Cody, Wyoming. To the north was the Shoshoni River, a hill, and, beyond that, the Pryors [mountains], which extended into Montana. We felt very safe in this little valley.

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Judy said...

I've always loved this drawing. I feel like I am trapsing down the lane or headed to Emmie's all over again.