Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ann and Holstein, the Tomcat

Holstein was the battle-scarred veteran of wars fought all over the Penrose valley, but he was also a coward and could shimmy to the top of the light pole and stay there until danger had passed.  We called him Holstein partly because he was black and white, but also because he liked to sleep on the belly of a Holstein steer while the steer was lying down.  The old tomcat went up and down with the breathing of the steer.  However many wars were fought and won or lost, Holstein always stayed loyal to our farmstead and could be counted to show up at milking time for his share of milk and a squirt or two from cow to cat's mouth.


Judy said...

I never knew about the sleeping habits of this cat. I thought he acquired his name only by his bi-color. After each cat fight he would show up with various parts of his body missing. What a tough cat!

Ann said...

Holstein was a cat who needed lots of TLC in between defending his territory. He created quite a bias in me - cats are great friends. Pet them a little, feed them once in awhile, and other than that their life is their own. One of the biggest problems with Holstein was his lack of fondness for being dressed up.