Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Grandpa Wasden's Little Brown Book

I suspect I am not the only one who can remember how Grandpa Wasden always seemed to have this little book, or one similar to it, in his pocket, along with a little piece of a pencil, so he could make notes when the occasion required it. Following are some of the items that are in this booklet.

Which child do you suppose practiced their art work on the back page?

This little booklet is very small, but it contains so many tidbits about Grandpa's life, from working at Yellowstone, to church records, to accounting of where he spent his money, and the quote from Pres. Roosevelt. Hopefully, if you click on the pages, they will enlarge so you can read them a little better. If anyone is interested in more of the pages on the concrete pour, please let me know.


Dwight said...

The page about President Teddy Roosevelt visiting the Gardner Arch is one of the treasures of Grandpa Wasden's life. As a boy, he told me this story over and over again, emphasizing the value of work and, though not recorded here, the value of "learning to do the practical things." To have this page of his notes recorded here is one of the gems of our little blog. Unfortunately, I never learned to do anything practical.

Dwight said...

More pages would be good. Plus we need to do something about Grandpa Wasden's missionary journal to get pages reproduced here, or something, if someone can negotiate to do this.