Monday, June 23, 2008

The Music in Mother's Collection

Mother was certainly a teetotaler, but the top song was in her collection of hits from the 20's. She had a wider collection of classical music. Even though she had been without a piano for at least 18 years, we thought she could play very well. Her playing time was usually in the evenings. She purchased the beginning John Thompson books, and informed us that if we wanted to learn, we could study them, and she would help us. I learned to play, and sometimes, if she was in the house, she would call out if the timing was incorrect. Sometimes, she would sit down and show me how to finger certain passages, and one of the most fun things we did while I was in high school, was to play duets. Dad would get a chuckle out of our counting, and repeated tries to get the rythm and notes correct. Good memories.


Judy said...

I am so happpy to see this music. Too bad that we don't have enough wall space to frame and hang all of this good stuff that makes us feel so good.

Ann said...

When we were in Bowling Green and were invited to Cousin Gail and Dick Hamilton's for Sunday dinner, I noticed a piece of music sitting on her piano. On it were the initials MAW. We talked about how both of our Mothers loved music and she offered to give me the piece of music, but I thought it was better being used than tucked away in a box. Mother did love music.