Monday, June 23, 2008

Siblings of Louise Krajicek

Will Allgeier is Rose's husband. Elsie, Stanley and Rose are brother and sisters.
This was a gathering of the four daughters of Veronika and Frank Krajicek. From left to right they are: Rose (Allgeier), Anna (known as Nance Rice), Helen (McGinnis) and Elsie (Riddle).
On the back row are husbands: Dewey Riddle and Will Allgeier.

These sisters and brothers-in-law were extremely close, at least in their later years. In their letters to each other, they spoke liberally of their affection for each other. And they wrote often of missing their sister (our grandmother) Louise. They supported one another through illnesses and had a great time in health. I will be posting portions of those letters as I get them done.

The relationship of the Krajicek siblings was unusally strong, and but it has been duplicated in the six chidren of Russell and Minnie Blood.


Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful picture. I always had the impression that Great-aunt Rose was a very happy person. And all the sisters were very careful about looking well. You can see the family features in all of them! Thanks for posting these - can't remember ever seeing them.

Dwight said...

This is the first time I really ever understood Grandmother Louise's siblings and how I was related to them. I heard their names frequently when growing up but never sorted them out or even understood that Elsie Riddle was Louise's sister. So how we can go through life in a state of ignorance until someone explains things to us. This information is a total revelation to me.