Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Trip to the BIG City

This was one of our few trips to Billings. It was probably for Mother to see the eye Dr., and as long as we were there, we would take the books of S&H Green Stamps or Gold Stamps and exchange them for Dad's first watch, or some other treasure. Because Judy was hidden in the first picture, the photographer took the second picture of just her and Dad - and besides he thought she was quite "photogenic" (there is that word again!).


Elizabeth said...

And she certainly was. One time when I went to the eye doctor in Billings, we went to a show because my eyes were dilated and it was so uncomfortable on the street.

Judy said...

I think that the day of the photographs was the only time I went to Billings other than to catch the train to Washington. So the movie that we saw this day was "Mr. Roberts". I also remember that Mother bought buttons. It was my first time of experiencing the city.