Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Remembering Father

Can you smell the shaving soap? That stirs up memories of seeing Dad shaving in our kitchen/bathroom on Sunday mornings while several other activities are going on around him - Elizabeth and I doing the breakfast dishes, one or two trying to brush their teeth. How did we manage to get around each other? I also have memories of watching Dad shave even as a small child when we were living in the little brown house. Most of all, the smell of the soap just makes me think of Dad.


Elizabeth said...

And when we were short of money for Christmas, Mother would suggest that one of us could buy him a soap refill for the soap dish.

Judy said...

Sometimes on Sunday Morning when there was more time to be playful, he would come after us with the brush full of lather and try to put a little on our chin. The mirror that hung in the kitchen was so small, he could only see part of his face at a time. I am so glad that you have this, Louise. Does the remaining soap still smell?

Ann said...

I remember the teasing with his brush full of lather, as well. And the smell - combine this with Old Spice and it smells like Dad. Happy memories!