Monday, June 9, 2008

Letters from Ralston, 1943

Sorry these copies are so awful. I made them in 1994 when I had access to the letters. When you click on them to enlarge them, they are readable. As we get better copies, I will exchange them. However, I had so much fun in reading through these serious letters to our father who was far away in Edmonton, Canada, working as a carpenter on a war project, that I really wanted to share them. Each of the three older children wrote letters, and they reveal so much about them. I'm assuming that Dwight would have been in the sixth grade in March of 1943? I'm not sure if he's boasting about how he has been disciplined at school, or just stating the facts. And now we know what happened to Dwight's wonderful comic book collection. Ah, me! All of the letters I read through impressed me. In the early '70s I taught Junior High English, and I had few students who could write as well, both in penmanship, and in expression.


Ann said...

Great insight into Dwight's school years. But look at his penmanship. Quite amazing for someone who spent special time in front of the class, or in the corner. This must have been a difficult time for the family.

Judy said...

I want to know what Dwight's infraction at school was that required banishment to the corner. His report to Dad shows promise to be a future blogger.