Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What Do They See?


Ann said...

Another "never before seen" picture. I can't believe the gems we are able to share through the blog. This is absolutely amazing.
Oh, and in response to your question about what do they see, I think there is a photo album they are looking at.

Dwight said...

Do you have a trunkful of this stuff, or what? And to think you said, at the start, "I'll enjoy watching what the rest of you post on there, but that's it for me" or some such. And (here's where your phone call came in) now we're off on recipes.

Elizabeth said...

Was Roscoe at work when all of these pictures were taken? Or was he the person behind the camera? Wish we had him in some of these. This one has to be earlier than the one with the baby that was posted earlier.