Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wasden siblings and spouses, 1974

In 1974, we had a small James B. Wasden family reunion in Lovell, Wyoming. Several pictures were taken - this one shows the six Wasden siblings with spouses. From left to right, including the front and back: Lucinda (Aunt Cindy) and Norman Sorensen, Delilah (Asay Wasden) Robb (Orville's widow), Elna House, Russell and Minnie Blood, Brooks and Lorraine Wasden, Sofe Johnson, Lucille and David Wasden. The six are Lucinda, Elna, Minnie, Brooks, Sofe, and David.
I'll post a few more pictures from this time later.


Ann said...

I didn't know this even took place. It is interesting to look at the body language - i.e. David. Were you home at this time, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth said...

We were living in Powell. Mother and Daddy stayed with us, and Brooks and Lorraine stayed in the camper in the back yard. Hadn't thought about the body language - actually, Dave stayed married to Lucille until about 1978 or 9 (I think), and then then were divorced. I will post a few more pictures of this later.

Judy said...

At least the brothers and sisters made a good effort to gather together. Since I was not around for such ocassions it is nice that someone took pictures.