Saturday, June 28, 2008

Louise Krajicek Blood

When I scanned this sometime ago, it had such an emotional impact on me. It is only now that I felt I could post it. Perhaps it is the reality of the length of her life: 26 years and 14 days. Because this is the same printing as Louise's and Rose's wedding announcements, I believe that it was the mother, Veronika that had this death card printed.


Elizabeth said...

It seems so sad that Louise had to leave this earth at such a young age. We know the rest of the story about her year and a half-old boy, Russell, and how much his life was altered by her death.

Ann said...

We talk about the different events that have happened over the years and way back when ---- and there is a certain lack of reality when it is just talk. Seeing this beautifully printed card announcing Louise's death makes the sadness of that time something I can almost reach out and touch. Thank you for sharing this treasure, Judy.