Monday, June 9, 2008

Letter from Louise, 1943

Another letter from the March that Dad was in Edmonton.
Louise always was the neat one - This letter reflects her tidy habits. She is the only one of us who mentions Ann - Judy must have really been minding her business. Can't believe we were so self-absorbed not to include more about our baby sister, and our little sister. Glad that has all changed.


Ann said...

Another gem. Each of you three letter writers really show your personalities in these letters, even tho you were so young. How delighted Dad must have been to get these letters.

Judy said...

"us kids nearly had a fit" Now I would like a greater explaination of "the fit".....It is evident that the new baby had captured the hearts of her family. Louise did a great job telling of children earning an allowance. 50 cents a week was quite a lot, so maybe that was Mother's plan for you to earn enough for a ticket to see "Bambi".