Sunday, June 1, 2008

November 1953 letter from Ann

Letters from home were precious, and this chatty one from Ann was aimed at keeping me up to date. (The Jean Lohrenz mentioned was a classmate - just someone we knew from Church and school - anyone was fodder for the news.)
Quotes from the rest of the letter (without correction) : "School is just fine. Miss Plump is the best teacher I could have gotten. Mrs. Richard is okay but she talk to fast and is kind of jerky. 1 six wks is past and so is half of another six wks."
"Last night was Hallowen. We had our party at school friday and apart at primary. Last night some smart little boys took and let the air out of the milkmans tires and strung milk cans from one end of town to ther other. This morning it took him 2 hr. to gather up the cans and a little more time to fill up the tires. He got here about 7:00. At Sunday school lHelen Bloxum and Stanlee Jameson eat trick or treat candy all through class."
"The farm is just fine. Fluffy had twin bulls and Blackie is due sometime around Nov. Fluffy's bulls were as small as holstine calfs and they are plenty small. We had to get some Purina chow to helpmake them grow faster and get much healthyer."
"Louise is getting along just fine up at Cody. All of the Powell girls in the fifth grade wishes that she was still teaching up here only she would have to teach fifth."
And Phooey! I thought that I could insert what ended up at the top of this posting right here - one of you will have to instruct me how to do that. Anyway, you can see that the ending was just right for this wonderfully chatty letter - lifelines from Home.


Ann said...

I really was slightly obnoxious. Thanks for putting up with me.

Judy said...

I think Ann's letter should be read to every newly called teacher in the church. No finer instruction could be given than this classic example.

The letters are better journals than anything we might have personally kept.