Monday, June 2, 2008

How Do I Make Whole Wheat Bread?

O.K., here is a diversion from ancient history.  Now that the price of Great Harvest whole wheat bread has gone up to $5.50, I am investigating how to make whole wheat bread.  I have lots of recipes, but I know the dear sisters know how to make it so I thought I'd ask for instructions.   I bought a little wheat mill four years ago which is still in its original box, since it was one of several kitchen gadgets I bought my dear wife thinking she would be exuberantly happy to use them all.  So we need a forum on making bread here.


Ann said...
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Dwight said...
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Elizabeth said...

Ann is the expert. This is a very good recipe - it works. I'm going to learn how to make sprouted wheat bread and spelt bread. Onward and upward - but only after the gardening is done. Good luck!