Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Krajicek (Kray) great-aunts and uncles.

Mother's perserverance in the 1950s, '60s, and '70s in keeping in contact with the Kray family members gives us a great deal more knowledge than we knew before. These great-aunts and uncles look at us from their time - styles have changed, but the pictures are timeless. There were not many grandchildren for Veronika - (we do not have an actual date for Frank's death as yet).
Stanley Kray had two children, Louise left one living child, Rose had three children, Henry 2, and Joseph had 1 child. Louise's one living child, (Russell Blood - our father) had six children, and they, in turn, gave Russell and Minnie 34 grand children (if I count correctly).


Judy said...

You have been very busy! What a great job in getting the pictures in. Thank you!!!!

Ann said...

Great post! Thank you for putting all of this together. It will help all of us sort out who these people are and how they fit into our family.
You must be learning the new Legacy program - is that a fair guess?

Elizabeth said...

There is a lot to learn! I didn't know how to use all of the features in the older program, but a little trial and error and reading the manual goes a long way. It's just the brain that is so slow.