Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kathryn and Paul Blood

Kathryn Blood, daughter of Roscoe and Mary Blood.
Dad tried to find his half sister before he moved from Olympia, Washington. We didn't find her until after his death. It was when her attorney contacted us upon her death.

Paul Blood, son of Roscoe and Mary Blood


Ann said...

Where oh where did you find these pictures? I have never seen any picture of Kathryn or Paul, as a child or as an adult. Thank you, thank you!

Elizabeth said...

Paul would have been 4 and Kathryn 2 years old when Roscoe died, so these pictures were taken later. There is never any discussion about whether Dad ever saw his brother and sister again. Dwight had contact with Paul (very unimpressed) in Nebraska - he was a major stock grower for a while, but his life turned out very unsatisfactory. As you said, we heard from the lady who was a friend of Kathryn's when Kathryn died. She sent articles about things that Kathryn had done in her lifetime, but she and her husband never had any children. (I believe that Paul had two adopted children?). Paul's resemblance to Roscoe is fairly evident, I think.