Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Great Spelling

In posting this you should come to know I have little pride (left). It is difficult to imagine that I went on to the county spelling bee, was hired by the Second District Court because I got all spelling words correct in the spelling portion of their employment exam, and have spent 44 years (as of tomorrow) helping Paul figure out how to spell certain words. That just goes to show we have to always look at "potential". I don't know how I came to have this letter, but as I went through more stuff, there it was.


Judy said...

Were you seven years old when you wrote this? Reading your child's perspective, one can't miss that adoration you had/have for an older brother. I love it!

Dwight said...

I'll say, chicken pocks and all. I wondered where this letter went. And, no wonder we all had colds at the same time, drinking water out of the same dipper from the water bucket and other hygienic oversights. But the germs made us all strong, anyway.