Saturday, June 7, 2008

Minnie and the motorcycle

Our uncle, David Wasden, and Mother had an interesting relationship. She wrote letters to him on his mission - I have some of the ones he wrote back to her, correcting her spellings, and, in general, writing "down" to her. Don't know why she continued to write. When he came home, they still had a friendship - there is a picture she took of him on the motorcycle at the same place that Dave took this picture. Don't know when their relationship became so "techy", but there were years of alienation. Then, in later years, in the late '70s when Mother and Dad came to Powell to see me, they went to Cody to see Dave, and he insulted her so badly that she never went back. It seems strange to me when the six of us get along so well, that one person could short-circuit that sibling relationship that can be so precious.


Ann said...

One thing worth noting here is that when Mother became ill, she wrote to David and his response was very tender. Deep down he did love his siblings, I believe, but he was so bitter about whatever that it tainted his relationship with anyone who tried to love him. You are right, Elizabeth, I can't imagine life without the incredible relationship the six of us have.

Judy said...

Was Minnie a little bit daring in her youth? Riding in the side-car on winding, dusty roads took some courage. What did Grandma Wasden think of this rig? Ahh, the youth of every generation has it's moment of risk taking.