Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Moses Blood Obituary from Newspaper

You have to enlarge this to read this bit of yellowed newspaper obituary in its entirety. It speaks of hard times, but of family continuing on. Mother's ability to establish a friendship with Eva and Roy Blood certainly netted us some important items.


Judy said...

The obtiuary brings in an unfamiliar name: E Page, when listed the deceased. Who is that???
I am beginning to realize that Mother had an amazing collection. At one time she had everything that all of the rest of us have spred out between us.

Ann said...

E. Page is Elizabeth or Betsy Blood, Daughter of Abel Russell and sister of Moses. She married Samuel Page. Is that correct, Elizabeth? I am trying to get this stuff figured out, but there are so many "side roads" I get confused.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, Ann, Elizabeth "Betsy" Blood was first married to Alanson Lambert, and they had three children, Maribah, Hellen (did I do a typo, or is that correct - I have to check), and George. Lambert must have died, because then she married Samuel O. Page, and they had a son, William. She was 16 years older than Moses.