Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mt. Ellinor 2008

Bob climbed Mt. Ellinor in the Olympic Mountains for the second time this year. This the view toward Lake Cushman and Hood Canal.
Bob on the edge. Not too bad for being 75 years old.

Ben and his wife JoLin (what courage).

At the summit: Jacob (grandson), David Gala (son-in-law), Ben (son) and the most happy Mountain Man.

Coming down. The video is easy to play.


Dwight said...

Congratulations! I'm amazed. I feel lucky if I can climb the stairs to the next floor. That is really an accomplishment.

Elizabeth said...

Glad you all had such a good day and a good climb. Good for you!

Ann said...

What an incredible or crazy thing to do. From someone who doesn't like heights, I found myself holding my breath as I looked at the picture of everyone on the top of the mountain. That will be a neat memory for Jacob as he goes off to climb other mountains (figuratively speaking) in Japan, as well as a reminder to Bob that he can still conquer mountains.

Steve Blood said...

What isn't said here is that Mary Lynn is waiting for Bob to get here with his kyack so they can go across NY on the Erie canal.

Steve Blood said...


Dwight said...

Tell us more about Mt. Ellinor. How high? Where is it? How many times have you been up there? Etc.