Thursday, June 5, 2008

News from Penrose, June 30, 1953

When this wonderful communication came to me, I had been in Laramie almost a month, and was dreadfully homesick. I had just graduated from high school, had worked two weeks as a secretary for the welfare office in Cody, when Dwight sent word via Western Union that he had a line for a couple of jobs for me if I could come to Laramie with Mother and Louise for his graduation from the University. I jumped at the chance. The two weeks in Cody, staying in a room in the old Green Gables with a bathroom down the hall, and eating in restaurants three times a day had only enhanced my loneliness. (Mother had rescued me during the weekend.) However, I hadn't anticipated the terrific homesickness I would suffer from for most of that summer. Only having Dwight and Velna in the same town saved me - and they were very busy, so I didn't see them too often. Getting letters, notes, etc. from home really saved me, and I'm sure I laughed long and hard at this clever message from Judy.


Ann said...

This is choice. How well I remember our little ditty about selling "Bloods Bird Bitten Berries". Judy was very creative.

Judy said...

Oh, how I missed Elizabeth. I had a hard time adjusting to being the oldest child at home. We had been taught to respect the belongings of others and I dared not wear the coveted dress that Liz had left home. To think that she has saved my nonesense and has given it value renews my missing her currently as my neighbor who lives on Tumwater hill.