Sunday, June 8, 2008

Veronicka Mach Krajicek

This picture is undated - I always thought from this picture that our great-grandmother must have been pretty strong spirited. Her sisters called her Vera, but I also found in the Round Robin that she may have been called "Sarah". Who knows? She lived in Aunt Nance in Pocatello the last years of her life, but she is buried in the Cody, Wyoming cemetery - probably because that is where Elsie was living at the time.
These are the Mach sisters in later years - Veronicka is in center front; the others sisters' names were Kathrine "Kate", Annette "Nettie", and Anna. I don't know which is which, do any of you?


Ann said...

I always thought the first picture made Veronika look like one very determined woman. These are great genealogy pictures. Thanks for posting them.

Judy said...

I agree with Ann about the determination. Makes you wonder what John and Anna Mach, her parents, were like???

Elizabeth said...

Or how easy it was to live together, as they did after Veonicka and Frank were married in Cleveland - the address: 12 Rock