Friday, June 6, 2008

Wasden Pictures

Is this the picture of Grandma that also hung in their bedroom? Elizabeth, is this the black dress you wore?


Elizabeth said...

I think this is the picture - and, yes, this is the dress that I wore. Someplace in Uncle David's writings, he tells about Grandma wearing a black dress to church, and that he was naughty one day in church, and she led him home in a very stern manner. I always though this picture didn't seem to look like the Grandma I remember, but when you look at the picture of her with her siblings - all dressed in black, this one looks like her in that picture. Glad you put this one in, to go with Grandpa's picture

Ann said...

I think I like the other picture of Grandma that was posted earlier better than this one. I agree, it doesn't look like her, at least as we knew her.