Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Alfalfa Hay Fed Our Cows and the Cows Gave Us Milk

Dad on load of hay, with Pet and Babe, on the lane to our house
The Nostalgic Haying Inlaid Marquetry Picture of Dad's
Dad (Russell) on haystack
Steve with pitchfork

Grandpa Wasden, Who Never Missed a Hay Load into His Eighties


Judy said...

Sometimes I have too much to say. However, I cannot be still about your collection of haying pictures. They brought such intense memories, right down to the smell of the new hay. Would you write a piece about the whole routine? You could title it the same as this post.

Ann said...

In talking with Steve about the picture of him with the hat on (which he had never seen - and it isn't familiar to me), he said he detested that hat. My question is, how does he remember that? But then, how does he remember other amazing things, such as the source of the lumber to make the garden tractor shed. According to Steve's memory, that wood came from the cement forms that Dad had left from the Reclamation Project on Heart Mountain. That is why the shed has the patched look to it.