Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Where We Attended Church in Powell

The two places I remember were at the Boy Scout log building (second from the top on the left) and the Odd Fellows Hall on the bottom, which was where I attended church until I left home.  The white building (middle, right) was completed after I left home, built from Heart Mountain Relocation Center surplus buildings.  We had to clean up the cigarette butts on Sunday morning, and walk past the pool tables to get to the main lodge room where we held church.  I don't know that I would have appreciated attending church in a modern super chapel today any more than I did in those circumstances.  


Judy said...

I had forgotten the separated structure at the fancy, white church. Later that was made part of an addition with inside access. I loved that church. This is where I learned to play the organ (somewhat). In the summer I would go and practice during the day.

Ann said...

The white church had such a neat feeling. We moved chairs back and practiced for floor shows, there was the Christmas program where Fred Hopkins told the story of how Silent Night was written, standing up on the "stage". It had a super kitchen for dinners, etc., and there were a few stairs that led from the kitchen up to the Relief Society room. As we outgrew the white church, there was a house that was moved onto some land the church bought just to the east of the white church and that was where the Jr. Sunday School met. I led the singing for a couple of years in that building.

Elizabeth said...

But you did mix things up a bit in your explanation. It was the Odd Fellows Hall where they had to hurry and do a clean-up before we could have Church on Sunday mornings. The billiard tables were covered, the cigarette butts were all cleaned out, and, in general things were tidied up. However, our main meetings were held in the room that not only held the piano, but had IOOF flags, an American flag, and various other items in it. The Boy Scout hall didn't have too much room in it - a main meeting room that was separated by curtains for classes? Bring us up to date on that one. The white church - actually our first "real" church in Powell, was dedicated around 1948. There is a picture of the entire membership standing outside. The buildings were the barracks from the Japanese Relocation Center at Heart Mountain. Perhaps Dad helped build them some years earlier?