Sunday, April 13, 2008

I apologize for the keystoning on this picture - will take a better one some time. The date that is woodburned on the front is not discernible, but the back of the picture bears the following:

Russell M. Blood, Western Woodcraft, Ralston, Wyoming. We lived 1 mile west of Ralston, Wyoming from 1941-February 23, 1944, so that gives a time span. Dad had made the big sign that hung by the highway, that said WESTERN WOODCRAFT in cut-out letters. The sale of lampshades, and various other marquetry pictures, bookends, pins, etc. helped our meager income.


Judy said...

Now we are getting somewhere. Thanks for posting this and giving us a date estimate. I love seeing the inlays and will never tire of them. Keep them coming!

Ann said...

This would have been made about the time I was born - it really isn't very old, according to my calendar! And now I think we know the origin of the sign that Steve is standing in front of in one of the classic pictures Dwight took of him over in front of the shop. I did not know the story of that sign. Thank you for filling in that blank.

Elizabeth said...

The sign was by the highway - our house in the hill was just over the railroad tracks. The part that said Western Woodcraft was supported on both sides by thick poles. For some years after we moved back to Penrose, those big poles stood all alone by the highway - and the sign went with us,never to be used again, but immortalized by Dwight's picture of Steve by it.