Thursday, April 17, 2008

Creating the Germany Marquetry Picture

These pictures were taken in Dad's log cabin woodshop that he used when they lived on 93rd S. in Tumwater (Olympia) Washington. This is the German scene that I posted earlier. He made this picture the summer of Mother's initial illness, 1980. In the top picture, you can just barely see the white wooden stool that he used for the first 50 years of making marquetry, as well as the Delta scroll saw that was also that old. The second picture shows him placing the pieces on the pattern. Dad worked out his own technique for making marquetry pictures - it was amazing that he could do the delicate work required, as he developed a familial tremor in his hands as he grew older. Also, it is amazing to note that he was still making marquetry pictures when he died in March of 1993 - and that he had a pair of reading glasses, but seldom used them. They were more of a nuisance to him than a help. Wish some of us had inherited that gene!


Ann said...

I still wish I had taken marquetry lessons. That was a world Dad was so happy in.

Judy said...

This post is a vital part of Dad's life. I appreciate these pictures very much. Do you have more?