Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Nice Surprise

Judy's posting of Pinnochio stirred another memory for me and so I thought it might be a good time to share. As you may all remember, this was one of Dwight's least favorite books/songs. A few years ago, he surprised me with the book that he had hunted down in a book store somewhere in New York and it came in time for my birthday. It is difficult to express the emotions I felt as I opened a brown paper wrapped package (hmmm - plain brown wrapper!) that Dwight brought to my home. What incredible memories came floating back and what a great peace offering for the years of teasing and "picking on this little kid". I have included the music and the words to Dear Moon, just in case any of you want to sing it. This book kept me company when I was so sick - the record was played over and over again until I probably drove some of you absolutely crazy (and I think it somehow mysteriously disappeared/got broken/ or more likely could no longer be played).


Judy said...

Oh, yes. In the record form, this was played almost continually on some days. Didn't it help you to escape into another world where you were not so sick? That Dwight would give you this years later, is a manifest of true brotherly love.

Ann said...

Yes, it was definitely my escape world. How times have changed. With new challenges I moved on to Josh Groban!

Elizabeth said...

And, if anyone wonders just how ill Ann was, pictures taken after she was well enough to go out of the house reflect a little girl who was extremely skinny. Mother later said that she stayed up some nights because she was afraid to leave Ann's side. We really are glad for Adeline. (Surely I didn't complain?)