Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pages from Louise Krajicek's LIttle Book

These are copies of three pages from a little booklet that is written in Louise (Louisa) Krajicek's handwriting. The booklet has been hand stitched together with little red threads. As you can imagine, the pages are showing a lot of aging. The first page that shows here is a shopping list. I have assumed that Louise has transcribed the Czech for us on the next page, which reads "Toothpowder, 1 oz praepared chalk, 1 oz Irish root, Borax powder 5cents, fervo Essenz of pepermint 0 cents". Is this a true translation - I don't have any idea. If anyone would like a complete copy of the little booklet, please let me know and I will email the copy to you.

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Judy said...

It is interesting that Louise was taught the Czech language. Even the formation of her letters of the English words have Eastern swooshs.
Ann, thanks for taking good care of the valuables and for sharing.