Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Duck Cabinet

I don't know the date for the making of this cabinet, so I expect some of you in the know to tell me. The marquetry pictue inlaid on the front is one that Dad (Russell M. Blood) had made as a picture, also. I always liked the simplicity, and when Dad asked me what I would like to have as an inheritance, I asked for it. I have it full of music, including Mother's old sheet music and a few of her books.


Judy said...

Didn't Dad make the cabinets after they moved to Olympia? It seems most appropriate to have special things stored in special places. It all fits.

Ann said...

I agree with Judy - it seems like there were conversations with Dad about the duck cabinet in Olympia, and it was never in the Penrose home, that I remember. We are really blessed to have so many of the treasures that were in Mom and Dad's home.