Saturday, April 5, 2008

The First Penrose Blood Family Home

This photo is the only photo of which I am aware other than the one posted just below of the original Penrose home from 1931-1941.  Although Mother took pictures with her Kodak camera of us around the yard, she never, to my knowledge, took a picture that showed the house itself.  These are my sons, Russell and Ronald.  I was born in this house in 1932 so nine of my seventeen years were spent in this home. When we lived there, we had lilac bushes, grass, garden, an orchard, and a hammock between two trees by the house.  In the summer we spent little time in the house; in the winter, after we were of school age, we were in school for long days by the time we rode the school bus on long routes twice a day.  We wouldn't have traded growing up here to living in a McMansion in today's world.  We had everything so much better.

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Judy said...

Not only is it wonderful for you to appreciate your beginnings, but to pass that on to your children is the real way to keep history alive.