Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Definitely Not a Google Map of Penrose

It is fun to pick out the different places in Penrose from this map. One of the things that has me intrigued is how, in the upper right hand corner, the road doesn't match up with the river bridge. I always knew there was something strange there. It was a little tricky to hit the bridge straight on when Steve and I would ride our redesigned bikes up to the highway by the oil tank and then head for home.


Dwight said...

OK Ann, what other good stuff do you have squirreled away that none of us would ever have seen if we hadn't cranked up this blog? And, more interesting, how in heck did you glom onto all this stuff? Just wondered.

Judy said...

Dwight, Aren't you sorry that you teased Ann when she was little? You didn't know that someday she would have the goods. This map tells it like is and gives a good sense of where was what.

Ann said...

I keep wondering if something is important or not. So, I will just keep scanning and posting, although I may be coming to an end of my treasures. Now it is Judy's and Elizabeth's turn to go through their stuff.