Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hay Some More

No haying picture collection can be complete without this one of Mother and Ann. (Another Dwight Blood Photo) Mother could swing a pitchfork like any other farm hand. After Ann confessed to all of the mischief that she and Steve got into, I am wondering if Mother had Ann close by so she could keep an eye on her???


Dwight said...

Actually, I don't remember taking this picture since I was probably gone from home by then. But then maybe I misremember and it was just late at night and I was speaking gibberish (or telling outright fibs and trying to get by with it).

Elizabeth said...

Dwight, remember, you gave me the Baby Brownie when you moved up in the camera world. I have more than a few pictures that my baby-sitting money would allow.

Ann said...

This was probably taken when I was in the second or third grade. I got my first "short" hair cut in the second grade. That I remember vividly because I took a comb to school on the first day after my haircut, because, for the first time ever, I could comb my own hair - my pigtails were quite long before they were cut off, and mother would work her way through the snarls every morning, brushing and combing and then hope I would stay presentable for the day. Miss Courtney, my second grade teacher, got so irritated with me (who, me?) that she threatened to take away my comb if I didn't stop combing my hair during class. Hmmm, does this make Judy's comment more accurate than I want to remember?