Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good Roads Day Revisited

These pictures of the 1919 Good Roads Day add to the panoramic picture that we have. In the top picture, it looks like the women worked right alongside the men - then they put on the big dinner at the church house. In the bottom picture, you can see Grandpa Wasden with the team of horses. I don't suppose that the roads were all that wonderful when they were all finished? But, it was a great community effort for the little village of Penrose, Wyoming


Judy said...

Nothing was easy, was it? How would you like to try that kind of work in a dress? But I do admire the community spirit.

Ann said...

I wonder if we all had to work together like the Penrose neighbors did, just for mere survival, if we would be just a little more caring about each other. I live in a great place, but have little to no connection with people who live just across the street. I think there is something to be said for having to work hard/together - just to make everything work. But - no thanks to the dress code!