Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dwight in Doorway of First Penrose Home

I include this photo of precious little Dwight because it is the only other photo of which I am aware that shows the actual condition of the original Penrose home.  Mother took this photo before the addition was built on.  Note the white stool and kitchen chairs in the background, and the condition of the porch. I think this white stool is the same one Dad is sitting on in Liz's following post.  Obviously we can be happy without living in a modern McMansion.


Ann said...

I think sometimes we were happier without alot of stuff, i.e. rotisseries, bread makers, etc. Life was simpler and we only worried about the things that really mattered. You were a happy little guy, by all appearances.

Judy said...

Were you looking for the freedom of the great out doors? I don't see a crumudgeonly profressor here! Home is where the heart is.