Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Participants in Our Family Blog

Our cousins, Ed Johnson and Philip Wasden, have both expressed an interest in our blog, which has evolved as a Penrose and Wasden extended family blog thus far.  We invite them to post photos and information to share with all of us.

We also extend an invitation to anyone from the Wyoming towns of Powell, Garland, Byron, Lovell, and Cowley areas who have photos, historical records, and other information about the Penrose-Byron-Garland-Powell-Ralston areas, in particular.  We are especially looking for photos and accounts of early Penrose, Garland, Ralston, and Powell, including photos of the old Penrose Church, school, community homes and farms, and of the old Byron LDS Church building; the roads and roadways, irrigation and drainage works, farms, families, and anything else anyone has squirreled away in their shoeboxes, attics, that might contribute to developing a wonderful historical archive of this area and its people.  Reminiscences are also welcome.  You can email me at dmblood@mac.com

To my siblings:  When we started this blog, we had intended for it to become like the old Powell Tribune, a posting of who among us is doing what and when and where and why are they doing it and why aren't they doing something else.  The history lore has become so rich, however, we may want to think of starting a second blog for the current generation to keep track of each other and just keep expanding this historical blog as far as we can take it.  Just a thought?

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Ann said...

I like that idea. So, when will you get it started?