Friday, April 18, 2008

Minnie Wasden Blood Graduates From U of WYO

Nothing was done special to mark the occasion of this great achievement. Mother came home from summer school in Laramie in August. Steve was very ill with hepititas, I was in love and wanted to take a trip to Washington to see Bob, and Dad was weary from running the farm alone. Ann was innocent this time.

So I would like to offer warmest congratulations to our mother! This was a lifetime achievement. You finished what you started so many years ago. Let's have cake and ice cream with lots of strawberries on top!


Elizabeth said...

How many hours of correspondence work plus her summers on campus did it take to complete this degree? Mother had an amazing amount of stick-to-itiveness,and whining was not in her nature. However, I do remember that, during the time she was gone, you and Dad did some re-arranging of some sort on the house? New curtains? Paint????

Judy said...

That was a ghastly color of green, now that I think of it. Dad also bought the TV and we started the "Rawhide" days.
Correspnodence courses were endless. It meant hours into the night, after teaching school all day, helping with the milking and then her school work. She was very tired during that time.

Elizabeth said...

And, I should have added that she began the process of getting the degree in 1955, and worked diligently on course work during the time she commuted to Valley Ranch on the Southfork above Cody, went to Byron to teach, gardened, did all the bookkeekping for the farm and taxes, shepherded three kids left at home, kept the house going, etc., etc., etc. Wasn't it in 1959 that Dad put in the furnace and forced air heating system and the plumbing with the abolishing of the path to Aunties?

Ann said...

Wasn't it earlier than 1959 because I moved in with Judy in the girls' bedroom after you, Elizabeth, left home, but before Judy left for BYU? It was quite traumatic losing my private bedroom, but so exciting to have indoor plumbing.
I have Mother's transcripts and will post them soon. Judy, I loved the green color - at least it was a color.
For me, the TV also brought on the Bonanza days. A funny story about that was when Paul and I went to Penrose so Paul could ask Dad about us getting married, we sat down in the living room on Sunday evening. Paul was nervous,and said to Dad that he would like to talk. Dad's response was something along the line of he would be happy to talk but it had to wait until after Bonanza!