Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Sweet Odours of Spring!

Since it's almost springtime in the Rockies, I'm sure my siblings can remember coming home on the school bus in the spring to the pungent odor of the manure in the manure spreader. This picture is one of the few that shows the outdoor facilities, as well as the house. What a job to dig out the winter's collection of the manure pile from the corrals, and then spread it onto the fields to increase the crop yield. Part of real life on the farm.


Judy said...

Oh Look! There is the outhouse!

Elizabeth said...

That, sister dear, is what is called the outdoor facilites. Or, as we used to call it, "Aunt Mary's". One could hide the Reader's Digest in the little box that held the extra t.p., and sit and cogitate while someone else did the dishes. Or sit on a cold winter's night with the door open and see the constellation Orion in the night sky. These are experiences that city kids with indoor plumbing missed completely. Or, we were forced to enjoy the light show when the Northern Lights were flashing across the north sky on a cold winter's night. Our friends with indoor plumbing were disadvantaged. But on a very dark night, even with the bright yard light casting it's glow, those last steps to the back porch were made in a running leap, because there might have been something out there in the dark.

Ann said...

There definitely was something out there in the dark. I hated going on the little walk at night. I was certain that the train we could hear so clearly as it pulled into Garland was going to get me. It didn't matter that there were no tracks.
Then there were the times when we (I think it was Steve) would throw small pebbles on the tin roof when we thought it was a sibbling who was inside "Aunt Mary's" only to have it be Mother or Dad.