Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hey, the Final Pictures on Hay(ing)

I had to fade out the top picture of Grandpa Wasden in order to see his face. And, the older picture of Grandpa's stack yard is from Aunt Cindy's photo album.


Judy said...

Ever wonder who built the Jackson Fork? Since Grandpa is the only one that I remember having one, I guess I always thought he "made" it.

Ann said...

Remember how Grandma would make those tucks in Grandpa's shirt sleeves because they were too long for his arms? It is incredible that he had such a long life, when I think about how hard he worked just to find survival.

Dwight said...

Now I know where the photo of Grandpa on the haystack is, which I have been looking for at least for 30 years, maybe longer.