Monday, April 21, 2008

Grandpa Topping Sugar Beets

Steve and Ann got in on everything! Were they helping top sugar beets? This is in the days before the beet topper that never worked perfectly, but was better than the back-breaking work of picking up the beet with the sharp pick on the end of the beet knife, holding it in one hand, and chopping off the top with the knife, then tossing the beet to the row on the left, and the tops back to the ground to be picked up for cow silage.

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Ann said...

I have often wondered if Grandpa's back was so bent because of all the years he spent stooped over topping beets by hand. Possibly, Steve and I were imps, Judy tried really hard to set a good example, but she was busy in school, and we had to do something to while away the time. Grandpa was really patient with us.