Thursday, April 17, 2008

Elizabeth on the back porch

The porch looks a little the worse for wear, after looking at Dwight's baby picture on it. (Same porch?) I'd discarded the doll for the white cat - the same one we hauled around in the doll buggy. Note the potato being used as a cap for the can of kerosene (used to fill the oil lamps at night for our evening lights.) We did not have electricity in the little brown house until I was 4 years old - the REA (Rural Electrical Association) brought the magic lights to our remote farm area.


Dwight said...

Isn't that amazing that the missing piece of board on the porch is still missing years later? The collection of containers on the left tells a big story. Actually, I was the principal owner of the cat--and the doll buggy we hauled it around in.

Elizabeth said...

At 5:30 in the morning, your brain is a little fuzzy! Obviously, possession is 9/10 of the Law, I was holding the cat, and since I had a doll and you didn't, I obviously owned the doll buggy! It was only out of the goodness of my little heart that I allowed you to take possession of it. You can see that I didn't have a whiny bone in my body!

Ann said...

It is so fun to know that nothing has changed over these many years. Keep it up, you two! It is fun to be an observer, since I wasn't around for the original experience.
I love the fact that you, Elizabeth, look so happy. That is the feeling I always had when there were memory discussions about the first little house in Penrose.