Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Russell M. Blood 1916

Dad identified the where and when on this picture. So, does he just love his white shirt and tie, or is the sun really bright. I really see a lot of Steve in this picture. Dad's note says "Russell M Blood at Carneyville, Wyo 1916".


Judy said...

Are you sure this isn't Steve? Where is Carneyville, and why was Dad there?

Elizabeth said...

Carneyville is by Sheridan, WY. They mined coal there. This was the summer that his father, Roscoe, was ill in Fort Collins, being treated by his second wife's father, Dr. Quick. Dad was sent to live with Aunt Rose and Uncle Will Allgeier, and his Grandmother, Veronika Mach Krajicek. Dad writes about this time in his life story - he says it was such a happy time, because he and his two cousins were allowed to play outside all morning, get as dirty as they liked, and then at noon, went in, cleaned up, and ate lunch, and stayed clean the rest of the day. He felt very loved. He started school in the fall with his cousins, Stan and Bob, but had to leave and go to Denver to live with his Grandma Blood when Roscoe was in his last days. This was the time that Dad got scarlet fever, and was not allowed to see his father again before he died.